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Long-Distance Route Animations Available

Experience the Powerman Courses in FATMAP 3D Animations

We are excited to announce a thrilling update for all participants and fans of Powerman Zofingen/Switzerland: Starting now, the course maps for our prestigious categories – Elite World Triathlon Long Distance, World Triathlon Long Distance, and Open Long Distance – are available in a brand new form.

Thanks to the innovative FATMAP application, we offer you the opportunity to explore the courses for RUN 1, BIKE COURSE, and RUN 2 in 3D animations. This visual representation allows participants and interested parties to "fly over" the challenges and beauties of our courses from a bird's-eye view, optimally preparing for the upcoming experience.

In addition to the 3D views, the GPX data for each course is now available for download. This gives you the ability to load the course details onto your GPS devices, enabling you to plan and execute your training with the highest precision.

The traditional 2D "MAP" views will be published in the updated RACE-GUIDE on February 20th, offering a complementary perspective on the competition courses.

The course maps for the Short-Distance categories will be made available in the coming weeks.

Prepare yourself, experience the courses like never before, and look forward to an unforgettable race weekend with Powerman Switzerland. Whether you're an elite competitor or an ambitious amateur, these tools are designed to ensure everyone is well-prepared to achieve their best performance.

We'll see you at the starting line – ready to master the courses not just virtually, but in reality!

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