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A German and a Swiss woman want to finish for the 23rd time

Jubilee Club at the Powerman Zofingen - 10 km run, 150 km bike ride and another 30 km run for dessert. That sounds challenging on the most beautiful, best-known but also toughest duathlon course in the world, the Powerman Zofingen. There is a duo that has already completed this tough course 22 times in recent years: German Sebastian Retzlaff and Swiss Maja Jacober.

The exclusive Jubilee Club was founded in 2008 by organising committee president Stefan Ruf and the German Udo Siebert, one of the first 10-time finishers. The idea was brought to Zofingen from the Berlin Marathon. Now there are already 51 athletes who have completed the long distance on the Powerman Zofingen course ten times or more.

Many advantages

Anyone who has finished the Powerman Zofingen ten times can take advantage of many Jubilee Club benefits: First of all, there is a prize of honour and a 10-times finisher T-shirt in recognition of the special achievement. For further starts in Zofingen over the long distance, there is: a special golden start number and the cheapest entry fee of the current year, or no late registration fee online up to one week before the event. If you finish the Powerman Zofingen 20 times, you won't have to pay any entry fee for further starts.

Three contenders

This year, there are three candidates who could be added to the Jubilee Club: American Cora Sturzl, Frenchman Remy Jeannaud and Swiss Heinz Buchmann. The first-named duo has already registered for the start on 8 September 2024 in Zofingen.

A trio of high-flyers

Switzerland's Willi Erismann was the first member of the twenty times finishers. He has since been overtaken by Switzerland's Maja Jacober and Germany's Sebastian Retzlaff, who have both finished 22 times in Zofingen so far. «After several accidents last year, I was no longer able to do any running training and am still convalescing», regrets the 52-year-old physiotherapist from Ossingen. «If I can't start, I'll still come to Zofingen on 8 September if at all possible», promises the Zurich native. «What makes the Powerman Zofingen so special is the great atmosphere, the tough competition courses, the usually not very summery weather, the great family atmosphere and the friendships that have developed over the years.»

Sebastian Retzlaff is a true living Powerman Zofingen legend: «Of course I'll be taking part in the 35th Powerman Zofingen for the 24th time on 8 September!» The 52-year-old German bank employee has only missed the start of the Powerman Zofingen twice since 1997 (1999 and 2000) and only failed to finish once (2011). «I'll see from year to year, also whether my health allows it,» Retzlaff said, adding that there could be more finishes after 2024. « The particularly long distances, the metres in altitude, especially when running, the incredible history of the event and the organisation are simply pure Swiss top quality», says the German. «Zofingen is practically THE site of the original duathlon with the former Bike+Run and winner Andreas Rudolph. Then there are the prominent men's and women's winners, as well as all the top triathletes who usually cut their teeth on the pure duathlon specialists.»

According to Retzlaff, the Jubilee Club members have a special bond with each other. «Especially with Richard Day from New Zealand and Thomas Meiners, there is always contact via electronic channels during the year.» Everyone wants the others to have a good racing experience and is not jealous if someone else is faster. «Regardless of the Jubilee Club, there is always a special sense of solidarity among all international Powerman Zofingen participants, which is stronger than the sporting competition. A feeling that I have very rarely experienced in triathlons.»

Text: Raphael Galliker Registration for the 35th Powerman Zofingen and more information at:


1) The German Sebastian Retzlaff (left), here with Jubilee Club co-founder Udo Siebert, wants to finish the Powerman Zofingen for the 23rd time on 8 September 2024. Photo: Raphael Galliker

2) Maja Jacober from Zurich has already finished the Powerman Zofingen 22 times (here in 2009), but is currently still convalescing. Photo: Raphael Galliker

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